Learn-to-Read Ooka Island Adventure

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“Disclosure: I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this Ambassadorship via Splash Media Engagement. The opinions on this blog are my own.”
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Are you up for a fun adventure with your children? How would like to visit an island, Ooka Island, full of playing, learning and reading excellence? Ooka Island wants to help your child learn to read and excel at their own pace while still having fun!

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Playing games and having fun is a important part of any child’s life. While kids are playing they are learing. The more fun kids are having the more they will enjoy learning and make education a priority in their lives. OoKa Island Adventure is the perfect way for kids to have fun and learn to read! Ooka Island is the only reading program designed using science-based reading methods and technology to increase literacy skills for children. Ooka Island is based on forty years of  proven reading research and teaching experience.

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 Dr. Kay MacPhee, Ooka Island Co-Founder, was recognized by the US Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, What Works Clearinghouse for her work in early literacy. Out of 153 programs in review, Dr. MacPhee’s concepts were rated at the top, showing the highest improvement in reading comprehension for emerging readers. What a huge accomplishment! Early literacy skills are something that will help every child succed in their educational journey. 

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There are so many important elements that make Ooka Island standout above the rest. It’s a user name and password generated program, so you download it onto your PC or MAC and you can log in and start learning immediately. Your child creates their own “hero”, follows a zobot and starts engaging in fun and learning leading them to an adventure in reading skills at their level of need. Reports on progress help parents monitor success and evaluate their child’s learning. Results have been seen in young children after only  8-13 hours of instruction. Ooka Island contains everything a child needs in one big learn-to-read adventure, including:  80 hours of research-based curriculum for preschool to 2nd grade children, an integrated, science-based approach to the five pillars of reading:

1. Phonemic Awareness
2. Phonological Development
3. Fluency
4. Vocabulary
5. Reading Comprehension

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Are you ready to give this evidence based adventure in reading a try? We can offer you a huge discount! For a limited time only when you use this link — > SAVE UP TO 30% with FREE SHIPPING  you will save big  on the Ooka Island learn-to-read adventure. There’s never been a better time for kids to learn to read on Ooka Island! Your child will excel and be reading before you know it!  


Be sure to connect with Ooka Island on their Facebook Page on Twitter  and be sure to check out all the videos for more information on Youtube.


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  1. Looks like my niece and nephew would enjoy this! THanks for sharing, I haven’t heard of this yet!!!

  2. This looks like such a fun game and as a mom I like how it’s educational too!

  3. I love fun educational games and learning opportunities for children. I think it is so important for their log term development.

  4. OOKA island looks like such an awesome game for my kids! I think my daughter would spend a lot of time on it and have a lot of fun.

  5. Wow, OOka looks like a really great reading program! I will have to tell my sis about this for her kids!

  6. My kids love playing educational games on the computer. We’ll have to check out Ooka Island.

  7. We have used Splash Media and it is a great program to learn math!!!

  8. That looks like fun! I love games that help you learn.

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  11. My kids loved educational games when they were little. This one looks neat.

  12. This Learn-to-Read Ooka Island Adventure looks perfect for my grandkids. Anytime they can learn while playing is great.

  13. I am ALL FOR video games when there is some learning involved! Learning through fun and play makes knowledge “stick” better anyway so this sounds like a great program for kids.

  14. Looks cute, I would so use this as a tool in our homeschooling!

  15. This looks awesome! I’d love to have this for my kids. I love having things that will allow me to do more teaching at home.

  16. How fun! I think my girls would love this. Gonna go check it out.

  17. This looks so fun and that robot is adorable! There’s so many fun ways to learn these days!!!

  18. My little ones would love this! Im glad you told me about this.

  19. This looks so cool! What a great way to learn to read and have fun

  20. I really need to be working to teach my 5 year old how to read. He’s got his letters down pat, so he’s ready for the next step.

  21. This sounds like such a cool program. Bubbles turns 3 this month, and I think we’re going to give this a try with her in a few months to see how it goes.

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