Saving Money On A Beach Vacation!

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Saving Money On A Beach Vacation!

Saving money on a beach vacation can actually be really easy!!  If you plan in advance, you can prevent a budget busting trip!  We made a trip to the beach recently.  Our trip was  an overnight stay thrown together at the last minute.  Normally we do the day trips or just go when we are camping! 

My favorite way to save on lodging is by going in the off season if you are close enough hotel prices for overnight are much cheaper and the place is less crowded.  However if you can’t there are other ways to save as well!

  • Early in the season or late in the season can be great times as well to save money!
  • Be sure to book your lodging a head of time and look for hotels off the main part of the beach or within a ten minute drive. The night we went the main strip hotels started at $200 we grabbed a Motel Six room for $78 and it was just  8 minutes away from the beach!
  • Plus don’t forget to use cashback sites like Ebates and Shop At home to earn cash back on your motel lodging.  We received back $2.17 for our stay! It may seem small  but it will add up quick! 
  • Look for chain motels and take advantage of their reward programs!  
  • Pay attention to reviews, they are critical when booking online in a town you have never visited before!  
  • Look up the local chamber of commerce event schedule.  If its a big event weekend hotel rooms will be booked and more expensive, and the beaches more crowded!

Think ahead for food and meals!!

  • Take things like cereal for breakfast, sack lunches, snacks for traveling, water, and drinks!
  • Even on the coast prices seem to be inflated at grocery stores even with the national chain grocery stores!
  • Research the restuarants in the area and look for deals on Groupon, Living Social,, and Amazon Local to help you save even more!

The Key to Saving Money On A Beach Vacation is packing  and planning efficiently: 

  • Make a pack list of everything you will need!! I always do 2 sets of extra clothes and an extra set of towels when we go.  It adds up if you have to stop at Walmart to grab these. Nobody wants to ride home all wet!
  • Double check what you packed!! This last trip I forgot to take contact solution the only thing open when I realized it was a gas station!
  • Hit Dollar Tree before Walmart for things you need!! I love the selection of the summer toys at Dollar Tree for going to the beach.  A ton of sand toys, water play toys,  and more are there for only a $1.   It never fails something will break or get lost so it saves more in the long run! We also grab snacks from there for the kids if we are low in the stockpile! A box of Whales aka goldfish is only a $1 plus they also have cookies, and drinks!
  • Shop for things for the beach year round especially at the end of summer! I picked up a beach umbrella for less than $2 at Target and three years ago we were able to grab life jackets at Kmart for less than a $1! I keep a Rubbermaid container in my garage for each season to throw my markdown finds in for the next year!

 The best part for us planning ahead is the kids know what to expect and there is a game plan! We are able to make the most of our time at the beach with a well laid out game plan! What is your favorite way to save money while traveling to the beach?


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