Cottonelle Clean Care Routine on the Go!

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“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle but all  opinions are my own. #pmedia #CtnlCareRoutine”

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I am ready to flush away my bathroom blues!  Bathroom blues you say, you know the symptoms….small spaces, scratchy toilet paper, no privacy and more. The  bathroom in the office building where  I work is what is giving me the bathroom blues. The bathroom is out of date and uncomfortable. The stalls are tiny, the toilet paper is thin, scratchy and tears when you touch it. I bet you can imagine how difficult it is to maneuver in there, let alone get clean and comfortable. Trust me, it’s not a pleasant experience.  Since I can’t seem to convince the powers that be that the Ladies Room should be functional and comfortable and we should stock it with products that are make a women feel clean and confident, I have to take the problem into my hands and get proactive! 

#ad #PMedia #CtnlCareRoutine

Solving my bathroom blues problem was super easy! Introducing my official Cottonelle Clean routine bag for work and travel, too. Since I found this cute bag at a local thrift store, I plan on putting it to good use. Inside is my trusty roll of Cottonelle toilet paper, no more thin and scratchy TP on my hard working bottom. The travel packet of Cottonelle flushable moist cloths, which is not only convenient but cute, too. I keep my clean care routine bag under my desk, every time I need to visit the ladies room, I can grab it and go (literally). Keeping myself clean and confident is important to me and now super easy thanks to Cottonelle products. 

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 As you can see I did find one good use in the bathroom stall. The double toilet paper holder is a perfect “shelf” for my Cottonelle Clean Care Routine toilet paper and flushable moist cloths. 

#CtnlCareRoutine #PMedia #ad

Whether you want to create your own “on the go” travel bag or want to keep your clean and care routine in the privacy of your own home, Cottonelle is your answer. Plus, during the month of February when you shop at Walmart for Cottonelle Toilet Paper and flushable moist cloths, you will receive a $5 VUDU gift card. Not only will you have a clean bottom, you will be able to enjoy a movie too! What more could you ask for??  Do you have a Cottonelle Clean Care Routine idea? Let us know in the comments we would love to hear from you!

#CtnlCareRoutine #PMedia #ad

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  1. Cottonelle has been our go-to brand for years. You should hear the whining when we try something else…

  2. Oh, I love your bag idea! That’s totally something I need for my kids and I. We all avoid public restrooms because they’re so awful. This would certainly help make things better for us.

  3. love the on the go idea. i hate hate hate using the bathroom when not at home because of the tissue :(

  4. Love the idea of an on the go travel bag! I need one of these!

  5. I’d love to do this when we travel to friends and family. Great tips here!

  6. Great idea for the travel items!!! Definitely going to use those tips!

  7. I have to stick a pack of wipes in my purse for on the go. Mainly for if my kids have to use the restroom – they refuse to go without the clean care routine! :) Cottonelle is the best.

  8. I despise places with the tissue paper type toilet paper!! It’s so horrible!!

  9. I absolutely love the cottonelle flushable wipes. WE have them stocked in all of our bathrooms at home. But I never thought to keep them in my purse. My In-law’s bathrooms are so much like your work bathroom. The horrible toilet paper. Yuck. I think I need to follow your lead.

  10. I absolutely love the wipes and I’m not afraid to admit it. :) What a great idea to bring them with you. I’m getting a pack just for this alone.

  11. Their flushable wipes are so amazing. We always have a surplus of Cottonelle products in our home.

  12. are my best friend…hahah I always carry my own TP or yeah Cottonelle is my favorite no matter where I go.. I have to have MINE with me :-) thanks for a fun post

  13. I’ve never thought of carrying my own TP but I agree that the super thin scratchy TP that tears as soon as you try to take it off the roll is horrible!

  14. Love the idea of making a bag like yours! I can’t stand when I go to a public restroom and they have the tissue-paper toilet paper, or worse yet, the kind that you can still see the wood pulp in…

  15. Yeah I am picky about TP in public, I will not use it if it’s on the floor and I tear off a separate piece noone touch – what a great idea to carry my own!

  16. I know I”m too lazy to take it to work, but for traveling, yes indeed! That’s a great thing!

  17. That is so smart to have Cottonelle in a travel bag.

  18. I can’t wait to restock up on Cottonelle and take advantage of the great movie deal. I love your prep kit.

  19. We have used cottonelle for years, and love it. Great idea about travel!

  20. Carrying a travel care bag is such a great idea especially when on the go with kids.

  21. How GENIUS is that!? I always hate going to public bathrooms because most of them inevitably are cramped with that infamous scratchy, thin toilet paper o.O

    I love the idea of having your own On-The-Go travel case for these situations ^.^

  22. Really great idea! Never thought about that!

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